Oral Cancer Screening

With the various strains of cancer in today’s world, oral cancer is no longer just limited to tobacco users but affects numerous others due to various medical and lifestyle conditions other than smoking or tobacco use. Hence, it is essential to regularly check for signs of oral cancer, which can be easy to treat if detected early, preventing patients from a tough life of intensive treatment requirement. At Surana Dental Care, Our Oral Cancer Screening services being a vital aspect of Preventive Dentistry department and has protected a number of lives over the years.

What is Oral Cancer Screening?

During Oral Cancer Screening, a visual and physical inspection of the mouth is conducted, to look for any signs of the development or presence of cancerous growths or lesions. Apart from the oral cavity, the dentist also examines the face, lips, neck, nostrils etc. Areas such as the inner cheeks, back of the throat, the roof of the mouth, etc. are visually and physically checked for bumps, swellings, white patches, ulcers, and more.

What are the benefits of Oral Cancer Screening?

There are a number of Oral Cancer Screening advantages, making it important for many people to undergo:

  • Allows for early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer
  • Once cleared, people can go about their lives stress-free
  • Significantly lowers oral cancer death rate, through successful early treatment
  • Minimally-invasive and non-surgical testing

Who can opt for Oral Cancer Screening?

Though there are only a few limitations, Oral Cancer Screening is recommended to:

  • Tobacco users, irrespective of mode of usage, whether pipes, cigarettes, snuff, cigars, etc.
  • Patients diagnosed with oral cancer in the past
  • Regular or heavy alcohol drinkers
  • Presence of risk of HPV 16 virus
  • People with excess sun exposure

What is the process of Oral Cancer Screening?

During your initial consultation, our best specialist for Oral Cancer Screening in Mumbai, India, takes a full report of your past and current medical and oral health history.

During Oral Cancer Screening, the dentist visually and physically inspects all the targeted areas, to check for any signs of mouth and throat cancer. Based on the findings, you may be recommended to undergo other tests for further, in-depth investigation.

The dentist explains the findings of the diagnostic tests and suggests certain steps to be followed.

What is the cost of Oral Cancer Screening?

The Oral Cancer Screening cost is dependent on the exact diagnostic procedures required. The dentist may conduct additional tests if required, which can alter the cost of oral cancer screening. Get in touch with our experts for an understanding of the exact cost of Oral Cancer Screening in Mumbai.

Why choose Surana Dental Care?

Surana Dental Care is the foremost leader in Preventative and Restorative Dentistry, with leading experts and highly-skilled specialists adept at diagnosing and treating each condition to give patients optimal dental health. We use cutting-edge technology and top-notch techniques to ensure that our Oral Cancer Screening services are precise and accurate, leaving no stone unturned to detect early signs of oral cancer and prescribe treatment that is successful and has saved numerous lives. Get in touch with our experts for the highest quality of Oral Cancer Screening and Dental Procedures.

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