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Medical Treatments abroad require planning and coordination, as well as an understanding of everything you will require during your treatment India, right from medical and identification documents to travel and stay. Knowing the entire process reduces the strain on your body and mind, allowing you to focus on your treatment, while we do the rest. Along with assigning an International Representative who is readily available for guidance and support, we also map out the steps in your dental treatment, so you can remain well prepared at all times. At Surana Dental Care, the focus is to give you a comprehensive treatment that allows you to smile stress-free at the world.


Examination of past and current medical reports

Your treatment abroad begins with filling the online consultation form on our website and sharing past and current dental reports with our team. On receiving the reports, our team of specialists analyses them in order to determine the condition, as well as appropriate treatment options. After an in-depth discussion of your case, our dental expert compiles the vital information for the next step.

Online Consultation with our expert

An online consultation between you and our specialist is scheduled. You can choose your preferred mode of discussion for the consultation, whether voice or video call, during which your condition and treatment are thoroughly discussed. You will also be asked further questions, to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Your discussion with our dental specialist is the best time to get any questions or doubts you have about the treatment answered.


Travel and accommodation bookings

We assign an international representative, who is your point of contact moving forward. Once the treatment is scheduled, you can book your travel, which we assist you with. The international representative takes care of the rest, right from assistance with visa and accommodation, travel within the city, etc. If you choose to explore the city during your stay in Mumbai, we can also help you with travel within the country and creating an itinerary.

Treatment Assistance

Right from the process of admission, filling up medical forms and consultation with the dentist, to the dental treatment, the international representative assigned to you is present for assistance throughout the way. Our aim is to keep you feeling comfortable throughout your treatment in our dental clinic, and ensure that you are not left alone.


Assistance with Documentation

As with any other medical procedures abroad, dental treatment also requires documentation that must be filled out. We understand that each country has its own rules and policies to be followed, and you may not be fully aware of the legalities and documentation required in India. Hence, the international representative helps you with all the required documentation, so you don’t feel stressed or lost, and can focus on your treatment and recovery.

Post-treatment follows up

You can fly back home after a stipulated time, depending on your treatment and physically follow up appointment scheduled. During your recovery at home, our dental specialist conducts regular follow-up appointments which can be easily conducted from anywhere. Our team is also available through various modes of contact, at all times, to answer questions you may have.


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