Gum Contouring

A beautiful smile is not only vital for aesthetic purposes, but also it can have a positive impact on mental health, by raising self-confidence, improving self-esteem, and give you one less thing to worry about in general. Uneven gums, which rest too high or too low, can have an impact on the overall aesthetic appearance of your smile. However, gum contouring reshapes the gums using laser dentistry, giving you an even smile that you can proudly flash to the world.

What is the purpose of gum contouring?

Gum contouring also called tissue sculpting or gum reshaping is conducted to resize too high or too low gums. Longer or larger gums are caused by a birth defect or certain medication and make your teeth look small. Smaller or higher gums can expose the tooth’s root, leading to tooth decay or loss. Gum contouring is done not only to cosmetically enhance the gums, but also as a periodontal procedure for pocket reduction, crown lengthening, or regenerative treatments.

What is the process of gum contouring?

The gum contouring procedure is quite straightforward and easy, as compared to gum surgery.

During your initial consultation, our expert dentist in Mumbai will assess your dental condition and recommend the treatment. A personalized treatment plan is then crafted, which contains details on the work to be done.

On the day of the procedure, the dentist administers local anesthesia, to numb the gum tissue, so no pain is felt during the gum contouring procedure.

A laser is then used to sculpt the gum line, by removing or bringing down the gum tissue across the gum line or removing excess tissue from particular teeth.

After the process is over, the patient can return home. There are minimal side-effects to the procedure. However, the dentist gives you a list of do’s and don’ts, to ensure you have a smooth and quick recovery.

What are the benefits of gum contouring?

Gum contouring laser treatment comes with a wide variety of benefits, making it much more efficient than traditional surgery.

  • Reduced bleeding and swelling
  • Less pain post the treatment
  • Proportionate gum line
  • Improved gum line that shows when smiling, laughing or speaking
  • Even gum line that is proportionate
  • Minimal downtime
  • No scalpels and sutures required

What are the risks of gum contouring?

The procedure comes with its own share of risks, however, the pros far outweigh the gum contouring risks.

  • Allergic reaction to the anesthesia
  • Reoccurrence of excess gum tissue

What is the cost of gum contouring?

The Gum contouring cost depends on the severity of the problem and how much work needs to be done. The dentist must first diagnose your condition and craft a treatment plan, after which an estimated cost can be calculated. Consult our experts for an estimate on your treatment and cost of gum contouring.

Why choose Surana Dental Care?

At Surana Dental Care, our expert Dr. DeepaSurana is highly trained and skilled to perform gum contouring surgery with finesse. We believe in understand our patient’s goals and expectations, and personalize a treatment plan to conduct the procedure to the highest standard of excellence, to fulfill the expected outcome. With cutting-edge technology and equipment, which is the latest in the industry, we achieve precision and safety in our treatments, allowing for excellent oral healthcare under one roof.

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