Full Arch Dental Implants

Missing a full row of teeth may not be incredibly common. However, this situation gives patients an option to benefit from a full row of permanent teeth, with the help of full arch dental implants. By being fixed to the bone, this prosthetic allows for stable and natural looking teeth, all the while, retaining the bone. Full arch dental implants are a quick and convenient solution to the problem that is permanent as well, allowing for fuller, wider smiles.

What is the purpose of full arch dental implants?

For people missing a full arch of teeth due to genetics, age, injury, or even infection, single or multiple tooth implants may become increasingly expensive. A full arch dental implant offers a permanent solution for a stable and aesthetically pleasing result. There are 5 types of full arch dental implants offered at Surana Dental Care:

  • Ball Attachment: Dentures are fit over two implants placed in the jaw. This is removable and can be cleaned. However, adjustments will be required from time to time.
  • Bar Attachment: A metal bar is placed over 4-6 implants. The denture is fixed in place using the bar as support. This is more stable, and removable for cleaning at the same time.
  • Screw-Retained: 5 implants are placed in the jaw, over which the dentures are secured using screws.
  • Individual implants: This is the single tooth implant, where each missing tooth is individually replaced using an implant.
  • Implant retained upper denture: Dentures are secured onto implants using a bar for support, which replace the upper missing arch.

What is the process of full arch dental implants?

The process differs in each type of full arch dental implant. However, the process of implantation remains the same, where an implant is secured into the jawbone and left to heal and fuse with the bone. Consult our experts for an explanation of each procedure, depending on the one best suited for you.

What are the benefits of full arch dental implants?

Full arch dental implants come with numerous benefits, making it the best option to replace missing teeth.

  • Looks and functions like a normal tooth would
  • Offers a stable and permanent solution to the issue
  • Helps prevent bone loss
  • Adds confidence to your smile

What are the risks of full arch dental implants?

This procedure does come with a few risks, which can be overcome by a skilled doctor.

  • Infection that causes the implant to fail
  • Nerve damage or irritation of the sinuses

What is the cost of full arch dental implants?

Each type of full arch dental implant cost differs, depending on the complexity and stability offered. Our healthcare team assesses your condition and provides the best solution for your case, based on which a decision can be made. Once your treatment plan is set, an estimated cost of full arch dental implantscan be calculated.

Why choose Surana Dental Care?

The experts at Surana Dental Care maintain a strong focus on superior patient care, taking time to evaluate each patient’s condition before crafting a personalized treatment plan. The material and equipment used in our renowned clinic are cutting-edge and high quality, allowing for safe and accurate treatments that promote a positive outcome for each patient. Our motto is to empower each individual to confidently smile at the world, with nothing to hide. Dr. Deepa will advise you on your alternatives so you can make informed decisions when choosing an implant option. We ensure that our dental team is always there to help you at every step of your dental implant journey making it a hassle-free experience. Get in touch with our dental experts to know more about your dental implant treatment in Mumbai.

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