All-On-Four Dentures

One of the best treatments to replace a whole row of missing teeth, All-on-four dental implants offer a long term, straightforward solution. A hybrid denture design, only four strategically placed implants are required, to support dentures that function the same way as normal teeth would. This follows the contour of your jaw, resulting in dentures that are tailor-made to fit your mouth in a stable and secure manner.

What is the purpose of All-On-Four Dentures?

People often find themselves in a situation where instead of missing just a few teeth, they have an entire row of lost or missing teeth, which hampers daily function. This could be due to age, genetics, injury, or decay. Single or multiple tooth implants become quite expensive and tedious in this case, which is where all-on-four dentures come into play. A hybrid between dentures and implants, all-on-four dental implants offer a long-lasting solution to replace a full row of missing teeth. These are secured in place and can be worn at all times, which adds support to your jaw and prevents facial tissues from sinking.

What is the process of All-On-Four Dentures?

At Surana Dental, we follow a three-phase treatment plan, with a detailed explanation of each step in the all-on-four dental implant procedure.

Our experts use high-resolution 3D scanning equipment to evaluate your oral health, jaw structure, and bone density. These parameters allow us to determine the four best points to place the implants.

The titanium implants are surgically placed in the jaw and left to fuse with the bone over the next few months. The dentist also places a temporary denture to protect the implants while they heal.

Once the implants have healed and bonded with the bone, the dentist secures custom-plant dentures onto them, which look natural and realistic.

What are the benefits of All-On-Four Dentures?

There are numerous benefits of all-on-four dentures for patients across the globe.

  • Replaces a whole row of missing teeth with only four implants
  • Comparatively more affordable than single or multiple implants
  • Do not require bone grafting
  • Great option for patients with osteoporosis
  • Look natural and indistinguishable
  • Secure placement of dentures that can be worn at all times

What are the risks of All-On-Four Dentures?

All on four dentures carry certain risks that patients should know of, before opting for the procedure.

  • The dentures will not remain stable if the implant is not secure
  • Cannot be placed in the molars
  • Requires high bone density to support implants

What is the cost of All-On-Four Dentures?

The all-on-four dental implants cost depends on the severity of the condition and the procedures required. In some cases, a few remaining teeth may need to be extracted. Our healthcare team evaluates your condition and crafts a treatment plan that caters individually to your case. Get in touch with our experts for an estimated cost.

Why choose Surana Dental Care?

Each expert at Surana Dental Care is efficient and adept at diagnosing the condition and crafting a treatment plan to recommend the best possible treatments. With cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques, we ensure that each patient is provided the highest standard of service and care under one roof. This allows for excellent treatments that promote safety and success.Dr. DeepaSurana one of the best dentists in Mumbai utilizes high-resolution 3-D imaging to analyze the health and density of the bone and soft tissue structure which helps extensive advanced treatment planning.Get in touch with our expert dentist to know whether all-on-four dentures are appropriate treatment option for you.

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