Digital Smile Design

The philosophy that each patient is as unique as their condition, leads us to Digital Smile Design, which solves the very problem of one-size-fits-all treatments that offer unpredictable results for each patient. By delivering a personalized treatment with thorough evaluations that take into consideration all the facial aesthetics and features that a person has, Digital Smile Design delivers better, more predictable outcomes for each patient.

What is the purpose of Digital Smile Design?

Most patients that feel uncomfortable not being able to understand how the treatment will ultimately affect their smile, often back out or go through the process with several doubts in their mind. Digital Smile Design analyses their facial features from a variety of angles and mediums, helping the dentist identify which areas need to be worked on to achieve the patient’s goals. Patients can also see how the treatment turns out, and whether they are satisfied with the results. This also allows for a personalized treatment plan to be crafted with the highest precision, enabling a treatment that surpasses expectations.

What is the process of Digital Smile Design?

The process of Digital Smile Design involves a variety of steps, depending on the exact work to be done, as well.

  • Initially, we understand your expected treatment outcome and the unique goals you have of the treatment.
  • Our experts take videos and photographs of your smile in motion from various angles, to gain a better, more wholesome understanding of what needs to be worked on.
  • The dentist then reviews the photos and videos with you, on software that allows real-time changes to be made, to understand what the final outcome should look like, and the procedures required to achieve the outcomes.
  • Once you are happy with how the end result should look, our experts take impressions of your teeth and translate the digital model into a physical model.
  • This model shows you the end result in 3D, allowing you to review it and ask for any changes to be made if needed.
  • Once the mockup is approved, a treatment plan is set in place and executed, based on the procedures required for the outcome.

What are the benefits of Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design comes with a varied set of benefits, making it a preferred treatment for many.

  • Enables a highly detailed cosmetic diagnosis and treatment
  • Allows for better patient-doctor communication on outcomes and treatment
  • 3D viewing of the outcome, allowing for highly predictable results
  • The treatment focuses on identifying and meeting the patient’s needs

What is the cost of Digital Smile Design?

The cost of Digital Smile Design is highly dependent on the treatments required to meet your desired outcome. Get in touch with our experts for an understanding of the process, and an estimated cost of Digital Smile Designbased on your case.

Why chooseSurana Dental Care?

At Surana Dental Care, we are committed to understanding each patient’s needs and collaborating with them to deliver a treatment that they are entirely satisfied with. Our experts have a high degree of technical expertise in using advanced software and crafting a treatment plan personalized for each patient.  With cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques, our treatments are safe and efficient, meeting the highest standard of excellence.

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