Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are caused by an abnormal form of tooth loss. Children’s milk teeth often fall out, to be replaced by permanent teeth. However, when permanent teeth fall out or do not grow, it requires treatment, in order to be replaced with prosthesis. Missing teeth can cause a number of issues, ranging from psychological to further dental issues, requiring appropriate treatment to be conducted.

What are Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth are characterized by abnormal loss of permanent teeth in an adult. This could occur due to a variety of medical issues, lifestyle, or experiences. Even when a single tooth is missing in the mouth, the remaining teeth can begin to shift, altering the bone structure and additionally causing the neighboring teeth to loosen and fall as well. Moreover, missing teeth can cause self-esteem issues, and affect the patient’s social, personal, and professional life. With the latest advancements in technology, it is now possible to easily replace missing teeth.

What are the causes of Missing Teeth?

There are numerous causes of Missing Teeth, depending on each patient.

  • Gum disease, which causes the teeth to decay and fall out
  • Trauma, such as a great force to the teeth, causing them to be knocked out
  • Poor oral hygiene that causes infection and decay
  • Excess intake of sugar or acidic foods
  • Drugs and medication, which affect the teeth
  • Smoking and use of tobacco
  • Hypodontia, which is congenitally missing teeth

How to prevent Missing Teeth?

Though it may not always be possible to prevent missing teeth, there are various steps you can take to prevent gum disease and make teeth stronger.

  • Brush and floss teeth regularly to prevent gum disease
  • Eat foods that contain plenty of calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, and more, which are rich in nutrients for strong teeth
  • Avoid consuming excess sugar and acidic food
  • Avoid smoking or tobacco use

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

The prompt and effective replacement of missing teeth will restore a functional smile and avoid the development of additional complex dental problems that will reduce your replacement options and impact your overall wellbeing and appearance.

Missing or lost teeth set in motion a cascade of changes in your dental health, all of which have a detrimental impact on your smile. When a tooth is lost or removed, the tooth root dies and no longer supports healthy bone growth in the jaw. This can lead to the repositioning or shifting of remaining teeth, affecting your bite and increasing your risk for gum disease and decay.

Missing Teeth: treatment options

There are now several options for beautiful, functional restoration of your smile and Surana Dental Care offers the most advanced treatments, including all types of dental implants. Dr. Deepa has committed many hours to advanced education and training in implant dentistry and cosmetic procedures and can help you get back your smile with results that will support long term dental health.

At Surana Dental Care, we provide complete services for the placement of dental implants for consistent, convenient care. Dental implant options include:

  • Single Tooth Implants
  • Multiple Tooth Implants
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • All on Four Implants
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dentures and Partials

Why Surana Dental?

Surana Dental is among the leading dental clinics in Mumbai, India, owing to superior treatments provided to each patient that walks through our doors. With a strong focus on providing personalized treatments to patients, Dr. Deepa and her associates at Surana Dental Care offer advanced treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. She is highly trained and experienced in the field of implant dentistry, and efficiently provides Missing Teeth Treatments in Mumbai, India, using cutting-edge technology for safety and precision. Consult our experts for excellent treatments today as the implants offer for both oral health and quality of life.

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