Missing Front tooth

Missing Front Tooth

A missing front tooth can be incredibly damaging to self-esteem, as well as dental health. Patients who suffer from a missing front tooth are often conscious about their condition, which tends to impact their social, professional, and personal lives, especially when the condition can cause the jaw structure and other teeth to be deformed. With advancements in dentistry, it is now possible to easily treat Missing Front Tooth in Pune, India, ensuring that patients can move on with their lives freely, without hesitation.

What is Missing Front Tooth?

A missing front tooth in children is no big deal, especially when milk teeth in children eventually fall out, and are replaced by permanent teeth. However, a missing front tooth in adults can prove to be quite disruptive to daily life, causing embarrassment and further changes to the jaw. Chipping and cracking of tooth is normal, but when a tooth falls out completely, it requires immediate care, to ensure that no damage is done. When a patient suffers from Missing Front Tooth, it can cause a variety of issues, such as:

  • Shifting of teeth and jaw misalignment
  • Embarrassment and low self-esteem
  • Speech and Pronunciation issues
  • Loosening of neighboring teeth
  • Difficulty eating certain foods

What are the causes of Missing Front Tooth?

There are a number of Missing Front Tooth causes, depending on the patient’s lifestyle and experiences:

  • Trauma and great force to the tooth
  • Improper care of a chipped or broken tooth
  • Accidental removal of the tooth
  • Decay or infection in the tooth
  • Need for extraction, to save neighboring teeth

Why replace a missing front tooth?

It is vital to replace a missing front tooth as early as possible after the loss. The missing front tooth can cause other teeth to shift, become loose, and even may lead to additional tooth loss. Missing front teeth make it challenging to eat and speak. A person with missing teeth are more vulnerable to gum disease, a progressive disease that can adversely impact dental and oral health.

Missing Front Tooth: treatment options

Thanks to the latest advancements, patients no longer have to live with missing front teeth, but can opt for various missing front tooth treatments in Mumbai, India.

A dental implant is by far the most efficient tooth replacement. As it is rooted in the bone, the implant fuses with the bone for a stable result that is permanent. A dental crown molded to your natural tooth is then attached to the implant, which looks and feels completely natural.

In an emergency case where the tooth has fallen with no damage to the bone, a same day Dental Crown can be designed using advanced technology, and fitted in place.

A dental implant requires a certain amount of bone tissue to the present, for an excellent, long-lasting result. In cases, where there isn’t enough tissue, bone and tissue regeneration can help rebuild bone tissue, after which a dental implant treatment in Mumbai, India, is carried out.

Why choose Surana Dental Care?

Surana Dental Care is the foremost dental care provider to numerous patients from across the world. Our focus remains on providing patients with the highest standards of Emergency and Restorative Dentistry, for personalized treatments that meet each patient’s requirements. Our expert, Dr. Deepa is specialized in providing top-notch Missing Tooth treatments using high-quality materials, for a long-lasting result that gives each patient the highest chance of a positive outcome. We do offer complimentary implant consultations. If you are missing a front tooth, contact our Surana Dental Care team to learn more about how implants can restore the health, function, and aesthetics to your smile.

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