Discolored Teeth

Discolored Teeth

Though most of us want a bright white smile with confidence, yellow or stained teeth can affect your smile by making it appear unhealthy, itmay also affecthow you feel about your appearance and your sense of confidence. Tooth discoloration occurs in most people to a certain degree, due to a variety of dietary, genetic, or age-related issues. However, there are certain cosmetic dental treatments that help reverse the damage, improving psychological issues and improving interactions in the social space.

What are discolored teeth?

Teeth discoloration occurs due to internal changes in the tooth, external factors, or both. There are essentially 3 types of teeth discolorations that can occur.

  • Extrinsic: This is identified by discoloration on the outer enamel of the tooth, occurring due to smoking, or consuming wine, cola, coffee, and berries, among other foods that tend to stain the teeth.
  • Intrinsic: Discoloration of the entire tooth is intrinsic discoloration, where even the inner structure of the tooth develops a yellow tint. This generally occurs due to the consumption of certain antibiotics, trauma, or exposure to fluoride as a child. It can also be a result of a genetic disorder.
  • Age-related: This is generally a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic factors. As the dentin grows yellow with age and the enamel thins down until the yellowed dentin shows through. Moreover, foods, drinks, and smoking tend to stain teeth much more easily, with age.

What are the causes of discolored teeth?

There are numerous tooth discoloration causes, depending on certain lifestyle choices or health factors.

  • Foods or drinks such as berries, coffee, cola, wine, etc.
  • Smoking or use of tobacco
  • Medication such as antibiotics that contain tetracycline, antihistamines such as Benadryl, and more
  • Genetically yellow or thicker enamel
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride in water or toothpaste, especially as a child
  • Some diseases can lead to tooth enamels
  • Treatments such as chemotherapy for head and neck cancer
  • Poor dental hygiene, such as not brushing or flossing enough, or not changing your toothbrush regularly
  • Injury during childhood could lead to tooth discoloration in children and even adults

Discolored teeth: Symptoms and Signs

The main symptom of discolored teeth is a yellow tinge on teeth, which can either be faint or strong, depending on the progress and cause of discoloration.

How to prevent discolored teeth?

There are a few measures that you can take, to prevent teeth discoloration.

  • Cut back or quit caffeine and cola
  • Quit smoking
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly
  • Get a professional dental clean-up every 6 months
  • Follow good oral hygiene practices

How to diagnose discolored teeth?

The dentist conducts a thorough examination, to find the cause of discoloration. If your case points to a deeper rooted issue, another evaluation might be required. Based on the findings, a treatment plan is crafted by the expert dentist, which can provide a more permanent result that will boost the color of your smile and your confidence.

Discolored teeth: treatment options

At Surana Dental Care, we offer differentcosmetic dentistry options for tooth discoloration treatment in Mumbai, depending on each patient’s cause of the dental condition and which treatment option they are a suitable candidate for.

Our teeth whitening procedure can effectively lighten your teeth to up to 6 shades.It is the easiest, most economical and fastest way to whiten discolored teeth

We create custom porcelain veneers that cover yellow teeth stains and last for a long time.

Teeth bonding is a great way to alter the color of your teeth.

In the case of a couple of discolored teeth, dental crowns can be helpful in improving the look of the mouth.

Why choose Surana Dental Care?

At Surana Dental Care, our specialists have years of experience in efficiently treating discolored teeth and personalizing a treatment plan for your unique smile. Surana Dental Care offers treatment options that can provide a bright and whiter smile. We provide a free whitening consultation to patients who are interested in teeth whitening, including a custom shade analysis —which is an important part of your teeth whitening success. We assess your dental health and discuss your cosmetic goals to ensure that your teeth stains or discoloration will respond to professional teeth whitening.Our teeth whitening treatments are incredibly successful in restoring the colored teeth with a more permanent result that boost the color of your smile and your confidence.

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