Why do teeth not heal themselves?

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April 22, 2019
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Why do teeth not heal themselves?

Teeth Problems

While most parts of our body, such as the skin, bones, etc. have the ability to heal themselves, our teeth are quite different, and cannot be healed if left alone without any treatment.  Most body parts tend to gradually repair over a period of time, but most people find that leaving teeth to repair by themselves only leads to the condition progressing, causing symptoms such as pain, decay, etc. Gums can be healed by themselves quite easily if proper oral hygiene is maintained. So, why do teeth problems not heal without treatment?

Clearing the misconception

Though it is majorly true that teeth do not possess the quality to heal themselves, they can heal partially. In fact, teeth can heal from cavities without treatment. However, once the cavity hits a nerve, it is essential to remove the tooth they prevent further damage and infection to the surrounding teeth. While cavities can heal themselves, it is a slow process that requires care, which is quite often not fulfilled by our diet. Consumption of starch and sugars impact the teeth. Starch is turned into sugars in our mouth, which further corrode enamel. Sugar also absorbs calcium from the bones, causing the teeth to decay. Hence, cavities worsen due to diet and lifestyle, preventing teeth from healing naturally.

Why don’t teeth heal by themselves?

Teeth are known to be resistant to natural healing for a number of reasons:

  • Decay vs Regeneration

Odontoblasts, which are responsible for the production of dentin, are present in the dental pulp. Dentin is produced in response to tooth decay. However, the spread of decay is much faster than the production of dentin, making it hard for the tooth to heal itself from decay.

  • Absence of cells

90% of tooth enamel is comprised of minerals, which means there is only a small amount of proteins and cells. As cells are responsible for the healing process in our bodies, the absence of cells creates restrictions on the body’s healing process.

  • Development of teeth

An average human only has 2 tooth buds, one for the milk teeth, and one for permanent teeth. Once the bone is destroyed, it is impossible for it to be naturally replaced by the body, requiring external treatment.

The importance of seeking treatment

Teeth repair treatments are vital, in order to prevent further damage from occurring due to progressive diseases in the mouth. Seeking timely treatment at the first signs of decay can ensure that the infection does not spread further, possibly saving the tooth from having to be eventually extracted. Hence, any teeth issues must be treated as soon as possible, for an optimal result.

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