What foods you should avoid when you have braces

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April 19, 2019
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What foods you should avoid when you have braces

Worst Food for tooth

There are a number of ways in which braces benefit teeth in the long term. Though the braces are available today are sturdy and of good quality, it’s still vital to take care of them. One of the most important steps is to watch what you eat and avoid certain foods that may damage your braces, requiring another trip to the dentist. Though you may love consuming these foods, the damage they can cause can be quite painful, and not worth the trouble. Here are some foods you should be vary of, if you wear braces.

Foods you should avoid

These foods should be completely avoided, to ensure that your braces stay clean and undamaged.

  • Chewy candies and caramel

Chewy candies can coat the braces and slowly pull them apart from your teeth. Sticky candy and caramel may also get stuck under the braces where they are hard to reach, and begin decaying the teeth if not removed.

  • Chewing gum

This is perhaps the most important food to avoid. Chewing gum can get stuck in your metal braces and pull them away from your teeth. It is also incredibly hard to remove, requiring a dentist’s intervention.

  • Nuts, seeds, hard food

If you bite into any hard food with your braces on, it can cause the wires to go out of alignment, which must be immediately fixed by the orthodontist, to prevent any injury. Avoid any kind of hard food, such as thick crunchy chips or crackers, nuts, etc.

  • Popcorn

Popcorn hulls always tend to get lodged in the teeth, which are much harder to remove when wearing braces. Popcorn kernels may get lodged in the teeth, in hard to reach areas that may be difficult to clean.

  • Soda and fruit juices

Fresh fruit juices that do not have added sugar are still healthy. However, preserved juices and soft drinks like coke have a high sugar and acid content which harms the teeth and eventually leads to decay.

Foods you need to be careful of while eating

These are foods you can eat, but should take care not to damage the braces.

  • Pizzas and burgers

Burgers stacked tall are tough to eat, and can damage braces, so you can cut them into tiny pieces before eating. Pizzas with thick crusts are avoidable, but you can choose soft crust pizzas, which are easier to eat.

  • Hard cookies

Hard cookies may damage braces, so you can dip them in milk to soften them before eating.

  • Crunchy fruits

Fruits like apples and carrots are healthy but can be hard to eat with braces. Instead, cut them into bite-sized pieces before eating.

Taking care of your braces can save you plenty of time, pain, and money in the future, so it is essential to know what you can, and cannot eat while wearing them. Make sure to consult an excellent dental clinic to get your braces fitted, repaired or adjusted. Surana Dental is among the best dental clinics in Mumbai, India, providing the highest standard of dental care to each patient that walks through our doors. With leading experts who value excellent care, our experience in the industry ensures a skillful treatment that follows the set standards and protocols, crafted for excellence. With the highest quality of materials and cutting-edge technology, expect nothing but the best in comfortable, superior dental care that gives you a beaming smile.