What are the worst foods for your teeth?

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What are the worst foods for your teeth?

Worst Food For Teeth

Most people are already aware that oral health is incredibly important not just for dental purposes, but to maintain the health of the overall body. Diet plays a huge part in what we eat and drink, because sometimes even brushing and flossing may not be able to undo the damage to the teeth. Taking care of your dental hygiene minimizes the risk of damage and prevents the need for teeth treatments in the future. There are some of the worst foods for your teeth that you should definitely consider staying away from.

Hard candies

These have incredibly high sugar content and eventually lead to tooth decay. Sugar, in general, is bad for the teeth, but candies are easily accessible in the market and eaten by many people throughout the day.

Sour candies and gummy bears

Apart from having a high sugar content, which is bad from the teeth, sour candies and gummy bears contain acids that deteriorate the enamel. They are also quite chewy and stick to the teeth, being more likely to lead to decay.


Alcohol causes dehydration, leading to dry mouth due to lack of saliva. This causes plaque to buildup, eventually leading to gum disease. If you regularly drink alcohol, you may notice your mouth being dry during the day, especially when you wake up.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks such as Coke have a high sugar content, but worse, contain acids that directly attack the tooth enamel. Sipping carbonated drinks during the day is likely to deteriorate your teeth in the future. Moreover, these also stain your teeth.


Bread tends to break down in the mouth due to saliva, forming a paste-like consistency that gets stuck in hard to reach areas of the mouth, behind and in-between teeth. When left untouched for long periods of time, these can cause cavities.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are great sources of Vitamin C, but also contain a high amount of acids that decay the teeth by causing the tooth enamel to erode. These can also lead to mouth sores when eaten in large quantities.


Though it is just made up of water, which is actually healthy for the body, ice is a hard substance and can damage the teeth when chewed on. This can undo any dental work and also cause the teeth to crack.

Dried Fruits

Though fruits are healthy, dried fruits are sticky and chewy, often getting stuck to the teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and cavities.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips, though incredibly crunchy and tasty, get stuck in the crevices of the teeth, causing plaque buildup and leading to gum disease.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea tend to stain the teeth over time, affecting your smile. Hence, make sure to limit your caffeine intake throughout the day.

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