The Effect of Smoking on Your Teeth

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The Effect of Smoking on Your Teeth

Smoking Effects

The effects of smoking on the body and overall health are widely spoken about. However, smoking also greatly affects the teeth, doing far more than just staining them. In general, it’s often quite easy to distinguish a smoker’s teeth from a non-smoker, which has often made many people who smoke conscious of their teeth, making them seek out treatments on teeth whitening. Oral hygiene and smoking are closely related, with smoking affecting your oral health in numerous ways.

Tooth Decay

Tobacco smoke contains numerous harmful chemicals that attack the enamel covering the teeth and break it down, causing the tooth to be more susceptible to decay. Prolonged smoking has shown to increase the risk of tooth decay, which is harmful on even a single tooth, as one missing tooth can cause the surrounding ones to shift out of their place. Moreover, the smoke coming in contact with cavities can cause them to become infected and weak.

Discoloration of Teeth

Smoking visibly yellows the teeth, and prolonged smoking even turns them brown. The longer and the amount that you smoke can determine the severity of discoloration on your teeth. Having yellow teeth can seriously impact professional and personal life, negatively impacting mental health as well.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease or gum disease is an infection caused due to bacteria, which impacts the gums. Periodontal disease begins as Gingivitis, in which plaque buildup is visible on the gums. As this gets worse, the teeth begin to fall off. While there is a treatment for the condition, prolonged smoking worsens the condition significantly.

Oral Cancer

One of the biggest threats of smoking is oral cancer. This initially manifests as tiny bumps and clusters in the mouth or near the lips. When not diagnosed in its early stages, oral cancer can spread to other parts of the body, making treatment more complex.

Delayed Healing

Smokers often take much longer to heal after dental treatments such as root canals, tooth extraction, etc., and also have a much higher risk of inflammation.

Loss of Taste

The chemicals in tobacco smoke dull the senses, including the taste buds. Hence, food and drinks eventually become tasteless, which is evident in chronic tobacco users and smokers. In fact, smokers who quit have actually shown to have an improvement in their sense of taste.

Bone Damage

Infection caused by smoking, in the teeth, can easily spread to bone and tissue, which become weaker and more susceptible to damage over time. While there are treatments to restore lost bone mass, it is essential to kick the habit.

Knowing the harmful effects of smoking on the teeth may actually give you enough reason to kick the habit. Smoking can actually disrupt oral health and not just physical health. which in turn damages social and professional life, and having a psychological impact. If you wish to seek treatment to reverse the smoking effects on the teeth, Surana Dental offers leading treatments to strengthen and whiten your teeth. With world-class treatments under one roof, get treated by experts in the industry, and reverse the damaging effects that smoking may have had on your teeth. Consult our specialists, for world-class services and treatments that push you towards a beautiful life with a beautiful smile.