Reasons and Remedies of Bad Breath

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Reasons and Remedies of Bad Breath

Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath, medically called Halitosis, can be embarrassing, and lead to various psychological issues. Though it may seem like mouthwash, mints and regular brushing are great ways to solve the problem, these are only temporary solutions that ignore the larger health problem being highlighted. The remedy for bad breath, in reality, involves lifestyle changes and precautionary measures to ensure that persistent bad breath is cured at its root.

Causes Of Bad Breath

The reason for bad breath varies from person to person, depending on their health and lifestyle factors that could be contributing to the issue.
The presence of food particles in and around your teeth can cause a foul odor due to the accumulation of bacteria. Foods like onion, garlic, etc. cause bad breath as well. These tend to enter the bloodstream after a breakdown during digestion, with the smell subsiding only once the foods leave the system.

Poor Hygiene
Not brushing and flossing regularly makes food particles remain in your mouth for a longer time, causing bad breath. This also causes plaque buildup, and later, Periodontitis. Ideally, people should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once each day.

Tobacco causes a bad odor in the mouth. Smokers and tobacco users are more likely to have bad breath and even gum disease.

Mouth Infections
Any wounds or infections caused by injury or oral surgery can also play a part in causing bad breath. Any form of gum disease or tooth decay can also lead to bad breath.

Dry Mouth
Saliva keeps your mouth lubricated, and washes away food particles. Having dry mouth due to health conditions or medication leads to bad breath, as lesser saliva is present. Dry mouth can also be caused by sleeping with your mouth open, or by some problem in the salivary glands.

Some medications cause dry mouth, which in turn causes bad breath. On the other hand, some medications can break down and release chemicals which have a foul odor.

Health Conditions
Issues such as cancer, stomach acid reflux, and more cause bad breath due to the chemical mixing and reaction they cause in the body.

Remedies For Bad Breath

You can take a few steps at home, to combat bad breath and make sure it doesn’t persist. However, knowing the exact cause can also help in establishing an exact remedy of bad breath.

• Brush twice a day, and floss once per day.

• A tongue scraper helps to brush your tongue and remove bacteria buildup

• Clean your dentures regularly to avoid buildup of substances

• Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, to avoid dry mouth

• Mints offer a temporary solution

• Avoid foods such as onion and garlic, which are known to cause bad breath

• Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months, or when the bristles get old

• Visit your dentist regularly, for a professional tooth cleaning

Bad breath, while having many causes, can be easily treated once the exact reason for the condition is found. If you feel your problem persisting no matter what, it may be time to visit a dentist, to get your condition checked out. At Surana Dental, we ensure that each patient is treated with excellent care for bad breath and other conditions, treating them with the highest quality technology. Our experts have years of experience in the industry, enabling a safe and efficient treatment under one roof.