Minerals That Can Help You Make Your Teeth Stronger

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Minerals That Can Help You Make Your Teeth Stronger

Dental Minerals

Teeth are often considered to be the strongest bones in the body. However, everyone’s teeth are susceptible to damage and weakening, making them more prone to chipping, breaking, and even falling off. Without the right nutrition, you may notice that your teeth aren’t as strong as before, which could be a result of poor oral health or lack of nutrition. A balanced diet that gives you the Vitamins for strong teeth is essential to not having to fear every time you take a bite of hard food, such as apples. Here is how you can get strong gums and teeth, with the right nutrients.

Minerals for your teeth

Consuming foods with these minerals for strong teeth will give you visible effects in no time, especially if you experience weakening of teeth due to improper nutrition.

  • Calcium

Calcium is the best mineral for bones, and of course, teeth. Calcium gives your teeth the support they require, being the main component of teeth. Moreover, calcium helps in hardening the enamel, which is the protective coating around each tooth, and provides structure to the jawbone.  Foods rich in calcium are milk, almonds, leafy greens, salmon, and more, so make sure to include at least a couple of them in your daily diet plan.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps form blood vessels and strengthens the gums and tissues in the mouth. This helps prevent gum disease or Gingivitis, which can cause the teeth to loosen. It also aids in the healing process and prevents gum bleeding. Citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, and berries are rich in Vitamin C, and easy available around the world as well.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another essential nutrient for the bones and teeth, as it helps in absorbing and depositing calcium. This increases bone density and adds support and structure to the teeth. The best method of getting Vitamin D is by being exposed to sunlight, so make sure to stand under the sun every morning.

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A builds tooth enamel and keeps the gums healthy. It also aids in overall oral health by boosting saliva and healthy mucous production, making you less at risk for developing infections. Foods rich in Vitamin A are eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges, leafy greens, and more.

  • Phosphorus

Phosphorus protects the teeth by supporting calcium production and building tooth enamel. It helps in rebuilding lost tissue and keeps the teeth strong. Protein-rich foods are high in phosphorus, some of which include eggs, whole grains, salmon, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Strong teeth ensure that you don’t require dental work later on in life, and also prevent against your tooth being injured during accidental experiences. Along with maintaining a nutritious diet, it is also essential to maintain good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. If you have been experiencing weakening of teeth and wish to seek treatment, Surana Dental is a premier dental clinic in Mumbai, offering tooth strengthening dental treatments of the highest standard of excellence. Experience world-class treatments at the hands of industry experts, for optimum dental health.