Got rid of severe dental pain with painless dental treatment

Painless Rotary root canal treatment and crowning the tooth in just four sittings
October 6, 2018
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Got rid of severe dental pain with painless dental treatment

Ms Promila Shinde aged 44 came to us as she had a severe pain in the right upper canine. After the dental check-up, deep cavity and food lodgement was seen in canine. Silver filling was seen in premolar. We found that her canine had erupted in the place of premolar (a condition called as Canine transposition) which was confirmed after the X-ray. Ms Shinde had a severe pain as fractured filling and nerve involvement was seen with canine.

After evaluating the dental condition, we planned for the root canal treatment followed by the crown.

Canine Transposition is reportedly the most common transposition in human dentition. The incidence of upper canine and premolar transposition is reported to 0.135- 0.510%

Doctor not only explained all about the dental condition to Ms Promila but also how the treatment would be done. She was happy that dentist took into consideration her fear of dental procedures.

We are happy that we lived up to her expectation and she was happy with painless experience during the dental treatment. She was also thankful to the friendly and supportive staff which solved all her queries related to the treatment. The treatment was painless and was done expeditiously.