Why Choose Us

Welcome to Surana Dental, India’s long established dental clinic that has consistently provided the highest standard of dental healthcare since its inception. We boast of being the primary dental caregiver to patients from all over, irrespective of age. Our team of highly-experienced dental experts maintain a strong focus on providing world-class treatments by accommodating excellent quality materials and technology for superior dental care. Each service provided at Surana Dental, right from routine checkups to orthodontic treatment, keeps patients in focus, allowing them to smile widely at the world.

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Incredible Patient Experience

We create a welcoming, stress-free, environment in our dental clinic, enabling patients to be comfortable, right from the moment they walk through our doors. Our specialists fully understand each patient’s dental requirements and discuss their best treatment options, enabling them to make the optimal choice for dental care. Our priority remains to provide superior healthcare that enhances each patient’s dental experience.

Highly-skilled Specialists

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to conducting the highest quality of treatments in order to expertly look after each patient’s dentistry needs with thorough, specialised care. This is ensured by the intensive training provided to each technician, support staff, and expert brought on board. Using a wealth of industry experience, each specialist provides flawless dental work that meets the needs of the patient.

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State-of-the-art Facility

Our top-notch dental centre is fully equipped with the latest advancements in the industry, ranging from the finest quality of dental materials to smart technology. The specialists working in our modern dental clinic are adept at wielding latest technology in order to achieve the highest quality of aesthetics and functionality in each dental treatment, Experience the precision furthered by excellent equipment and materials.

Long Term Warranty

Only the highest quality of materials is used for each treatment conducted in our centre. We procure excellent technology and material, following strict protocols and standards set, that enable longevity in the results of your treatment. We can say without hesitation that each patient is warranted an unparalleled treatment that feels natural, lasts long, and looks just as great as you feel, for years to come.

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Cost-effective Payment

We believe that optimal dental healthcare is not a luxury, but a right. By thoroughly assessing patients’ needs and keeping in mind their budget, we provide a wide range of treatment options for them to choose from, each of which offers premium, high quality dentistry. This gives patients from all across, access to modern dental treatments under one roof.

Throughout the years, Surana Dental has time and again proven to deliver healthcare that achieves an optimal standard of excellence. Patients in our state-of-the-art clinic are treated with expertise and cutting-edge technology, keeping them feeling in safe hands during their dental journey. Surana Dental has you covered, with incredible diagnostic and therapeutic services that refresh your smile.